Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dolphins need Larry Fitzgerald!


I am Mr. Bungle and this is my new Dolphins blog!

My first topic is about our wide receivers. We definitely need to upgrade our receiving corps.

The best way to do that? Trade for Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald. Why shouldn't we do it? He is the best receiver out there and we have players that I'd like to see us trade away.

Here are 10 reasons why it makes sense for the Dolphins to get Fitzgerald:

1. Larry Fitzgerald is the best receiver in the NFL and we need a great receiver.
2. Trading Ernest Wilford and maybe someone like Paul Solai would would give Arizona two players for just one and move those seldom used players off of Miami's roster.
4. Larry Fitzgerald jumps incredibly high so we might be able to use him to block field goals or extra points.
3. You might not know this, but Larry Fitzgerald wears glasses when he isn't playing, so he is obviously smart.
5. Ted Ginn went to Ohio State and Larry Fitzgerald went to Pitt, so they played college football kinda near each other.
6. Yes, Larry Fitzgerald's salary is high. But if he also plays special teams, we can cut one of those guys.
7. Larry would be a great "Fitz" on our team. Get it?
8. With Bess' hair and Fitzgerald's hair, we could probably think of a fun nickname for our receiving unit.
10. If we throw to Fitzgerald a lot instead of running so much, our fullbacks won't get so banged up trying to block for running backs.
It's crazy if we don't trade for this guy. He is too good.


  1. Bungle, you're a moron. Arizona isn't going to trade us Fitzgeraldk for Ernest Wilford! Wake up you dumb shit.

  2. You are a wonderful human being Mr. Bungle. i don't know what i would do without you

  3. Larry mo and curly is all we can get in the trade with solali and wilford. lol

  4. Uh Bumble, you hook up with Weedy's old dealer?
    Send some to Graves and he may take you up on that trade before he starts choking on his Twinkies :)

  5. Fan is at it again. What a tool.

  6. This is great, the best blog ever

  7. I hate this blog

  8. Mr.Bungle is the best fin fan

  9. Mr.Bungle,
    I for one think its very insulting that you come and post your own blog on the Sun Sentinel. Especially after you dissed harvey and omar at Tin's site

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  12. Under your testimonials section I would like to point out that Phinatic is the smartest fin fan I've ever had the privilege to read comments from. Far better than PseudoMr.Bungle

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