Thursday, March 5, 2009

I need my holes filled

I've got a couple of gaping holes and I need them to be filled, and fast. My favorite team, the Dolphins, seriously need help at cornerback and wide receiver. I'd like to discuss how to fill at least one of these holes.

Two words: Shawn Murphy. We drafted Murphy to be a guard, but there appear to be plenty of people ahead of him on the offensive line depth chart. But there is still a way for this athlete to get off the bench and help Miami become an even more powerful force.

We need a cornerback. Murphy wants more playing time. How simple is that?!

We need to convert Murphy to cornerback as soon as possible. Yes, I know it sounds surprising, but it really makes a ton of sense.

See, you might not know this, but Shawn's dad is Dale Murphy, who was a very fast baseball player. He ran fast on the bases and in the outfield. That means that Shawn has it in his genes to be fast, but he just didn't realize it. Our coaching staff just needs to bring out this speed in him.

We might even need to have Shawn visit some type of hypnotist in order to bring out that speed that is hidden in his mind.

If Matt Roth can move from defensive end to outside linebacker, you gotta know that Shawn can move from guard to cornerback because cornerbacks essentially guard other players anyway.


  1. Charlie B. AlienMarch 5, 2009 at 8:06 PM

    I was just scratching and sniffing my balls and I came up with an idea. Damn, I just forgot it though. I'll come back later.

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